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Online HR Management Associate Diploma

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Meet Your Company’s Objectives in HR

HR managers can achieve business and strategic objectives when they successfully complete the Human Resource Management (HRM) Associate Diploma online at Lebanese American University. The HR management diploma is designed for professionals who want to optimize their HR management team. It introduces the basic concepts and frameworks of HRM and the role HR plays in effective business administration.

Learn the Ins and Outs of HR Management

Students and teachers in the HR management short course will meet online, live, in the evenings (EET), twice a week.

To earn the HR management diploma online you’ll complete work in a series of topics that includes:

  • Advanced Recruitment Strategies
  • Job Analysis and Job Description
  • Managing Training Needs
  • Behavioral Interviewing Skills
  • Job Evaluation and Grading System
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Succession and Planning
  • Counseling and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Motivation and Performance Feedback
  • Writing Policies and Procedures
  • Talent Management

Admission to the HR Management Associate Diploma

No GRE required

No Minimum GPA Requirement

Apply now to earn your online HR Management Associate Diploma from Lebanese American University. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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Language RequirementsThis course is taught in English and so you must be able to read, write, and communicate in English.
Other RequirementsYou will need to submit a copy of your valid passport or national ID.

Tuition Details


Earning a short course is an investment in your future success and one of the best ways to accelerate your career and increase your earning potential.

Our admissions representatives can provide full tuition details and help you find the funding option that’s right for you. Request information to learn more.

Tuition and Aid

What You’ll Learn

HR management teams are increasingly being looked at to help strategize and meet organizational goals. The HR Management Associate Diploma gives you the specialist skills you need to do this and advance your career in the industry quickly.

Program Outcomes:

By the end of the HR management short course you can:

  • Explore recruitment and decision-making processes within an organization
  • Define job analysis and job description
  • Identify training needs to improve employee job performance
  • Conduct successful interviews
  • Create systems that attract talented candidates, retain quality employees, and encourage superior performance
  • Identify the elements of succession planning
  • Employ counseling methods to reach desired performance
  • Write effective policies and procedures

How to Apply

Our Two-Step Application Process. Follow our simplified application process so you can start your program soon.

  1. Complete your online application
  2. Submit your personal details and a copy of your passport or national ID
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Online Study at Lebanese American University

By enrolling in Lebanese American University’s online programs students gain access to a team of supportive faculty and expert student services. Online study includes:

  • A flexible, asynchronous format
  • An experienced and caring faculty
  • Full-time and part-time flexibility
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Answers to Common Questions

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our short courses right here. If you have more questions, please request information.

A short course is a concentrated effort to learn a set of skills in a particular area.

Depending upon the time you have available to study, you may take more than one short course at a time. Be sure to check when the course meets so that the courses you’re interested in do not overlap in timing.

The time it takes to complete a short course ranges between 18 and 220 hours. Please see individual course pages for full duration details.

The tuition ranges for short courses are $350 – $2,400 each.

The course is taught in English and so you must be able to read, write, and communicate in English. All courses require a copy of your passport or ID.